She said:
Promise me
That you’ll forget everything happened between us
Everything I said
Everything I did
Even my name
That you won’t make me the Scattered Clots in your arteries blocking the clean and fresh blood from your heart
Promise me
That you’ll forget me
And                     will                         move                         ahead.

At that moment
In between
The swiftly rotating ground
The thoughts of her mascara-bleeding eyes
Her leaking nose and wet handkerchief
Ruthlessly whistling wind and
The collapsing building like accelerating train.

I couldn’t dare to refuse
    I promise that I will forget you
And then the phone line lay disconnected but I continue:
I promise I will drop you from my mind everyday
    I will forget as much as possible about you everyday
    I will eat, I will sleep, I will breathe
    And will move ahead with your dying memories
    But then maybe
    I’ll be able to forget you completely
    Till the eternity only.

Photo Credit: freshpatrol.com
Photo Credit: freshpatrol.com

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