Five Years Later

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It’s been five years
When you were around
Since when I’m holding my feelings
Holding my ground
I see you in a grocery store
In the evening at around 4:00
You’re a lady, Mother of two
I am single, still waiting for you,
From a distance I see
Try to find the traces left
I don’t go near
Don’t want to be uninvited guest
You are happy with your kids
Holding a paper maybe a list
It reminds me one of ours
That we made for us
List containing lots of love and lots of trust
How it was shattered into pieces, I recall
Nothing comes into the shawl
Only thing appears as was in the beginning
A heart filled with love and I start shivering
If wish if I could say that once again
But right then it starts to rain
You’re guiding your kids not to mischief
While I remain in the corner holding my heart under the sleeves
Though I’m glad to see you happy
Afraid if you don’t pretend to be
Things have changed much in these years
I can’t step towards you now
Can’t break the layers
And then you go once again
Leaving me standing alone in the rain…

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