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She lived
In a town of ghosts and monsters
Anywhere she’d gone
They growled and yelled
For her blood they chased her
And every night
She succumbed to her despair
Behind the bleeding walls of her room,

Eclipse was there to interrupt
Her twentieth ride around the sun
She never wanted to turn twenty
For she was told
There will come a gargantuan monster
To hunt her down,

She heard him
The other day he mentioned
Her blood to be delicious
He said he can smell the red liquid
She never had a dream this weird,

For the night of death
She fastened the latch
Before the sun could melt in blood for the dark
She hid in sheets
Hushed her heart
Kept extra breaths in store
To avoid a noise,

For an occasion
When she thought she could hide
He appeared.

At her window pane
Surrounded by the ruins
Growling her name,
Her heart stopped
Feeling him around
She stood horrified
To face his nails, big enough to touch the ground
And he jumped on her chest
Stabbed his teeth around her neck
She lost her balance
For she never felt a force this strong,

Brutally he tore her ribcage
Occupied her heart
That was hidden there
Like a frightened puppy
Drop by drop
He squeezed it down
And drank all her

…Eventually she realized she had it all wrong that she was unnecessarily afraid, not everyone’s a monster and the town was beautiful.


11 thoughts on “MONSTER

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  1. I didn’t not expect it to end like that! Tremendous! Very well written! In this wide world, we think everybody’s a monster – well we need to tell ourselves that good people exist as much as monsters!
    Once again, very well written!!


  2. This piece had me on the edge of my seat. And the end – I did not see it coming either. What a great piece of yours to read when I have been away for so long:)

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