It’s me,
Should I say my name?
Or you remember the sound of my voice?
I know it has gone through
A lot of changes,
The happiness in it that you were familiar with
Dried with the saliva
A long back,
And it has been uncontrollably shaky
Even more right now,
So it’s okay if you can’t
Recall the face behind the voice
I don’t wanna embarrass you
On this silly question.

I know
I haven’t been able
To keep up the promise to never call,
Twenty years ain’t qualify for an excuse,
I won’t lie,
I remembered that I wasn’t
Allowed to communicate with you
But I guess
When time does not heal the wounds
It makes you weaker
So let’s assume it is the weakness of twenty years
And you may accuse me
If you want.

Before I forget
Why I called?
Here it is –

I just wanted to tell you
That I’ve overcome the agony of
Why everybody’s got somebody but me?

You’ll ask, how?
No, I didn’t meet anybody else
It is just that I realized
That all my life I was holding the fumes of you in my fists
And the embroidery of your loving memories on my heart
That I had you
In me.

And I got to know this
Only when I saw myself from a distance
Away from all the material things
Being fume.

You know?
The most interesting part of it was to know
That I was made of you
And you are made of me.

Photo Credit: ponti55 @
Photo Credit: ponti55 @

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