Riding on excitement
I felt the traces of her ribs
On my fingers
Like those little speed breakers
Were asking me to slow down a bit,
And I knew
I can’t roam carefree
In this accident-prone area
When my hands reached
Down under her armpits,
I pulled over
To catch my heartbeat,

I was getting drunk on rosé
Trying to quench my insecurities
From the fountain of her rose petals
Till few moments back,
Were deliberately
Making spaces in her speeches
For the word

Past a few more shots
Feeling little less dizzy
I gathered up the courage
Rolled up my sleeves
Knowing that my fingers
Will have to unite for this next milestone
That, in set of two,
Is capable of changing its elasticity
If touched.

Our undisclosed desires
Were finally on the verge
As we couldn’t think beyond
The art of squeezing
And ‘it’ happened
In the accident-prone area
With necessary damages.

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  1. Really pin-point description with well-thought out words. Big like!

    1. Really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

  2. Awesome sensual play with words!

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