A–B = 0 (A=B) | POEM

A part of me
Needed you so desperately
That it could’ve gone any distance
More than it did already,
It wasn’t afraid to
Throw a fight to anyone
And it crashed
Into the other part of me
That was the first
In conflict.

Let’s call them A and B

Was high on testosterone
It couldn’t find the logic
Why it shouldn’t fall on your feet to beg
And chase you like your tail.
With its tongue out, it
Stared at your lips
Hoped to get a chance to lick them up
But it waited like your pet
Swinging its tail
For an invite
Even when it was offered with so many shoos
It waited
Also knowing that your real dog
Named “Whatever”
Used to lick your face
As they say
Every dog has a day
It too had few days marked as lucky
When it got the chance to get a little closer
But do you know?
It smelled “Whatever”
In your breath
In your hair
In your armpits
Almost everywhere.
Had you not changed your mind
And shoved it away at the last moment
It would have
Most definitely
Licked your dog on your lips
Or even liked it too
It was that feral.

On the other hand,
Kept its face buried in
Frowns of sentiment
Oscillating between
Sensible and nonsense,
Pulling A in opposite as if
It was tied by its waist
To it.
In between the highs and the lows
It tried to keep its nerves leashed,
Blood in flow.
And metaphorically if I say
It almost had A’s belt around its neck
And kept pulling itself away
As far as it could
From you.
In your eyes
It had seen its bloody fortune.
Amidst all the shocks and the slaps
It held its modern pen tight
That generally comes with 102 keys
A power button
And a mirror in front,
It was an opportunist
It used its
Misfortune as an investment
To craft a product in black & white
And tasted its own sweat and blood
Instead of yours.

A would chase B
And stab its teeth around B’s neck (A/B)
On the other day
B held A’s hair
Hang it upside down (B/A)
And hit its balls impatiently.
And it would continue
Till they both bleed

Had you stayed
Another minute in my sight
It would’ve all been true
Oh stranger
My A still equals B
And your aftershock is zero.

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  1. Insight says:


    – Rahul

  2. zazen88 says:

    Reblogged this on zazen88 and commented:
    This work was a great insight. I thought the format clever and the juxtaposition of A and B harmonious

  3. zazen88 says:

    Extremely relative in more ways than one. I really enjoyed the feral dog

    1. Thank you! That means alot.

  4. Hiibaa says:

    Astonishingly lovely poem!!! xx

    1. Thank you for liking and following. I’ll go check your site as well.

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