We (Humans) aren’t supposed to be here on this planet. We are not physically as strong as other animals; we do not have claws, wings, strong jaws, big shoulders, enormous strength or speed. We do not have a match to any other animal’s attributes that they developed through evolution. We are the only species that did not adapt or change with nature; instead we have gone towards the other direction. If only we didn’t have the brain we must have been extinct long back. And why are we the only intelligent animal on this planet? It is believed by Ancient Alien theorists that thousands of years ago, some advanced species from other galaxy made genetic changes in prehistoric human to make the human of today. Each and every art from language to science to medicine we learned from them and developed thereafter. Even our history was monitored and directed by them.

If this is true, what is the purpose of it? Why would anyone make animals smart and teach them these many precious things? There must be a reason.

We have always been so curious to know our purpose in life. Why are we here? What is our mission? Or is our existence just a coincidence? Well at least I don’t think so. I believe that we do have a purpose in life but it is not assigned individually. Collectively entire human race has a purpose to serve and each and every person from past to future is a contributor to this sole purpose, of being on this planet. This one purpose is going to decide our next journey after its maturity date by becoming something at a certain point in time.


Right after the human used his brain for the first time, he started to evolve intellectually. Since then we are growing generations after generations; each human has specific attributes (negative or positive), few of those we inherit from our ancestors, few we learn and develop throughout our lives from several mediums. Then we pass on our strongest attributes to our children and this cycle goes on and on (not to mention that the strongest sperm is the one that wins the race in the end). Imagine when every child in distant future is being born with the qualities of a Magician, Wrestler, Politician, Writer, Musician, Scientist and so on, all in him. Scientifically we can not deny from this fact. Is this what we are here for? To become a superhuman? If so, what then? Will then we be moved to a new universe and will be assigned with a new task to do? The question is, are we a part of someone’s experiment? Are we here to serve a purpose for someone else or for ourselves?


What if this experimental evolution is not limited to our bodies and minds only? What if our soul is a part of it too? Just an extension to the above hypothesis let me construct another short fiction here.

Initially they (who created us) started with a certain number of souls to begin with creating humans and in the end they will be left with the same number. On each and every death they gather the souls and contain them in a container, those then go through the mixing, cleaning and filtering process after which the extract is used to produce a certain number of brand new souls; those are then assigned to new bodies. Less important and weak energy portions are erased forever, only the ones that are strong remain. Human soul is made of an element that can produce any number of units of same size and density of parent soul and vice versa. This is how any number of souls can be created from the initial quantity and in the end any number of humans will collectively shrink to be exact equal number of the souls as were in the beginning.

On each and every step just like our bodies and minds, souls are also going through the evolution process and playing a very crucial part towards our purpose.


Alright, we have gone so very far with our imagination and it is the time to come back to our zone. Whether or not we were/are altered, monitored or driven by other intelligent species, or if the extension of hypothesis is true or not, we may never come to know the real fact behind it. We may never as well know if we have any kind of purpose or not, either individually or collectively. But if we go though the paths of intelligent human’s evolution and try to see the future, we’ll know that we do collectively have a scientific purpose to serve. That is to be a human of future. Generations after generations our genes will evolve, our strongest attributes will continue to transfer in our children no matter what and will craft the fate of our race. What if the intensity of evil attributes gets stronger with time than the attributes of the noble? We’ll certainly become a devil then. If we want, collectively we can control our destiny, we can speed up our journey towards this purpose by going towards the same direction. We can become whatever we want and then can fly towards the next milestone to start a new journey.


This is what our purpose is – to become something at certain point in time. Good or Bad? It is in our hands to choose and decide.

And in the end we will still be living in this world in different proportions depending upon our contribution towards human race.

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Insight says:

    A very thought provoking piece, Neeraj bhayya! Do you believe in miracles?

    – Rahul

    1. Thank you! I do believe in miracles that are science driven. 🙂

    2. Insight says:

      Like? An example, please? 🙂

      – Rahul

    3. Let’s say Time Travel! 🙂

  2. henrygame says:

    Henry is quite familiar with some of your ideas and notions. Excellently written.

    1. I thank Henry for that. 🙂

  3. jensenempire2551 says:

    Who may i ask? Is doing all the selection, who to say what will be needed in the future of the human race?

    1. jensenempire2551 says:

      i most no moderation, a step in open your mind!

    2. Who? May we’ll never know. What? It is on each one of us to decide what we want to become – A monster or something else.
      Thank you for reading it.

    3. jensenempire2551 says:

      i take it you don’t agree? Another question, why only a limited number of souls, when there is so much space?

    4. A limited number of souls would be easily monitored and managed. Not to forget every time a new chunk would create chaos and it’ll be a repetitive task to feed information in them. Keeping the same number means they (the souls) will to go through the several cycles and would become wiser in the end.

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