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Hope you are doing great!

This gives me immense pleasure to announce that my first book of poetry collection “Reverberating Pang” has been published on and is available in eBook and Paperback formats. It is a book of emotions those oscillate around the pangs of a human heart emerging on losing a loved one. This book encompasses the entire spectrum of emotions that a person goes through when he or she loses someone or is in the verge of it. It is a collection of 56 poems garnished with 7 micro-poems justifying the need of a fresh breather for the reader and creating necessary bridges in between the full length poems. 

I really had a great time working on the manuscript, selecting / editing the poems, designing the layout and even the cover page. I must say self publishing is an exciting option available for new authors, not only it allows us to get our books published by ourselves, it also gives us a chance to know how critical it is to work on the technical side of a manuscript especially for an ePub format.

As I share the cover page of it, I’m really thankful for all my fellow bloggers to be a part of this journey. I think this book has a little part of each one of you. I request you to please have a look at the preview copy and let me know your responses.

Below is the URL for Author’s Spotlight on Lulu Store. It can be used to purchase (eBook or Paperback) or Simply go through the preview copy and rate the product.

Thanks again for all your support!

Neeraj Kumar (NEKNEERAJ)

Author’s store on

Reverberating Pang - Paperback - Cover




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  1. Congrats Neeraj… 🙂 I’ve always liked your poetry and it’s good to see your book published. 🙂

  2. Major congrats. It definitely does feel amazing when you get your first collection published, especially via self publishing. Well done, and I’ll be checking it out shortly.

  3. Fabulous news and congratulations to you!

  4. Congratulations!! I wish you a ton of success 🙂

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