Intuitively I knew
I would end up wanting you
One day so desperately
When you would be here
On this chair
Talking to me
Almost everything
Out of topic,
Unsurprisingly but in two
I broke in lieu
Holding your hand
Watching it laying immobile
Wanting you
To hold mine too
But obviousness use to be biased
Towards sorrow
And these were the consequences
‘Cause I had my back
On tomorrow.

Photo Credit: kaseycosley.deviantart.com
Photo Credit: kaseycosley.deviantart.com


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  1. I love how you praise not thinking ahead by using “back to tomorrow.” Unusual but great!

    • Opps.. I’m instead regretting on – “not thinking about the future”, I guess using ‘when’ in the last line created the confusion so I edited it and replaced with ” ’cause “. I hope it makes more sense now?

      Thank you for visit and contributing in it. 🙂

  2. Beautiful picture and verses

  3. jensenempire2551 July 10, 2014 — 8:40 am

    i found myself struggling through today, to even hear the whisper of tomorrow…

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