Salty Taste of Lust

Loving you seems like
A big blunt piece of stone
That I use to push upwards
At almost 60⁰ angle
Towards you,
This already heavy boulder
Gets heavier with every inch I climb
As if wet craving sticks on it
Like wet mud
Making it bigger than before,
Dripping sweat dripping with lust
Makes it impossible
To distinguish the difference between them
And I’m left with no choice
But to believe
Lust is salty.

In between
The continuously growing want
And ever expanding vacuum
Created by my deep gasps
I push it by a couple of centimeters up
And it rams over me for hundreds of feet below
Forcing me to take advantage
of my stubbornness
But most of the times
It reaches farther than the point
From where I started.

After all of these ups and downs
Now I’m afraid that
I’m dangerously addicted to this
Salty taste of lust
more than I was ever
addicted to you.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice one bro… Rare ans nice…. But I felt you could have added more description in between…

    1. Most certainly it can have many more references in between but I wanted it to be short.
      Thank you for the honest response. 🙂

  2. Is there a typo in this line? ‘As if wet craving gets stick on it’ should it be ‘stuck’. Nice work though

    1. Opps.. you’re right Francis. I’ll correct it.
      Thank you for pointing it out and most certainly for visiting. 🙂

  3. ladywhispers says:

    Wow. Its such a treat to read you always. Such a treat.

    1. Glad to know 🙂
      Thank you so much!

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