The count of your footprints
Kept decreasing on the sand
As you ran ‘less away’ from me with every step,

My eyes un-blinked
My heart gulped the beats
And every tear felt little warmer
Crawling back up in my eyes

Then I had you in my arms
Un-kissing me – Goodbye.

I felt the wind un-blowing
I saw the birds flying backwards
Everything’s on reverse
Yet the twist of taste of your lips
I couldn’t differentiate.

I knew
That after few minutes
We’ll start coming ‘less far’ from our home
Undoing everything we did
The day before,
For months
For years…

Then we were standing –
Hands in hands,
Eyes in eyes,
On the day of our first meeting
And the time paused
Once again.

I hesitated to unsay the words
That the clock was ticking back
‘The first hour’ of our lives together
Eating it second by second,

As it got back entirely into the womb of uncertainty,

I lost you for forever.

But this time
With the much stronger pain of
Not meeting you at all.

Photo Credit: deviantart.net
Photo Credit: deviantart.net

10 Comments Add yours

  1. You are finding a way to escape the pain of love and separation by your beautiful thoughts. Awesome writing.

    1. Glad it reached you Dinesh, thank you for visiting.

  2. You know… I can’t say anything about the words used but the way you thought and said was incredible…. Best one I’ve read lately…. Awesome… Keep writing

    1. Thank you Prateek 🙂

  3. SalvaVenia says:

    Time eating the present, eating the past, pausing, starting all over again.

  4. Deborah says:

    Wow! This is simply stunning. So powerful!

  5. Embracing a Wounded Soul says:

    This is fantastic….! I can tell I’ll enjoy following you 😉

    1. I can say the same as well. Lets follow then 🙂

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