If they felt it wrong too

From behind the window fences
Witnessing his flimsy defenses
My slowly drowning eyeballs
My flickering vision
My zipped up jaws.

I didn’t know my name
I didn’t know his either
I was an innocent toddler
Didn’t even learn to speak
By then.

While they were all laughing except him.

From a very little by then
That I had learnt
I should’ve clapped and laughed too
And behaved like any other child of my age,
I didn’t really know
Why they were unzipping his pants
And pulling him down
Maybe I was very small for it all to understand
But somehow
Right there
At that very moment
I knew

Something Was Wrong.

I wish
If they felt it wrong too
He would’ve still be around
I would’ve remained like any other child too.

If they felt it wrong too | Photo Credit: px.com
If they felt it wrong too | Photo Credit: 500px.com

6 Comments Add yours

  1. words4jp says:

    This made me cry. This happened to my son once. Kids can be so cruel.

    1. These are the tears of humanity. Thank you for crying out.

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    Oh. This is…too sad. Just too… I shouldnt have read this..

    1. We need to face the ugly side in order to prevent it.
      I was surprised to realize that if something can be wrong from a toddler’s perspective that doesn’t even know anything. How can the same thing be right for anyone in the world? That’s sad, indeed!

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