If they felt it wrong too

From behind the window fences
Witnessing his flimsy defenses
My slowly drowning eyeballs
My flickering vision
My zipped up jaws.

I didn’t know my name
I didn’t know his either
I was an innocent toddler
Didn’t even learn to speak
By then.

While they were all laughing except him.

From a very little by then
That I had learnt
I should’ve clapped and laughed too
And behaved like any other child of my age,
I didn’t really know
Why they were unzipping his pants
And pulling him down
Maybe I was very small for it all to understand
But somehow
Right there
At that very moment
I knew

Something Was Wrong.

I wish
If they felt it wrong too
He would’ve still be around
I would’ve remained like any other child too.

If they felt it wrong too | Photo Credit: px.com
If they felt it wrong too | Photo Credit: 500px.com


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  1. This made me cry. This happened to my son once. Kids can be so cruel.

  2. Oh. This is…too sad. Just too… I shouldnt have read this..

    • We need to face the ugly side in order to prevent it.
      I was surprised to realize that if something can be wrong from a toddler’s perspective that doesn’t even know anything. How can the same thing be right for anyone in the world? That’s sad, indeed!

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