You’re a story being told

You are a character
of the story
that is being told
by someone sitting at a place
beyond the reach of your limits
beyond the past, the present and the future
in the parallel time,
by someone
who doesn’t know you
who has not seen you
but been with you through and through
because you are a product of his mind
because every ounce of your being
is being told by him.
He is neither an almighty
Nor a supernatural power
He is just an ordinary person
Just like you
He is not even a skillful storyteller
He does not have an ending in mind
He does not know
what your destiny might be
he is only following his heart, narrating you
and evolving with the passing time.
But you are still
just not a helpless character
who can not do anything about it
who can never have control of his destiny
you can influence this person
and make him narrate a better tale
you can help him evolve to make him evolve you
by exploring and illustrating your expanded characteristics..
Although either of you can not see or sense the other one
but you have connected intellects
you can equally influence each other
and make this one the best story ever told.
If you want to take over your story, your destiny
don’t just sit back and do nothing
because that way you’ll remain nothing
but a helpless character
of an ordinary story.

Photo Credit: Another Earth (2011)
Photo Credit: Another Earth (2011)

Originally posted on 10th March 2014 as “A story is being told” on this blog.


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  1. I would like to know who this other is….yes, i know, I will never know, but i can still wonder:) I really love this piece – it truly makes a mind think…about stuff and things. xx

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