The Village

Once upon a time:
Under the murky clouds beyond the alley
Surrounded by thickets and crickets
There was a valley of Witch Mountain
In opposite Polaris-direction,
There, the moon was always tangerine
And the air – like the musk of a virgin nymph
There were the hooting wolves and witches’ coven.

Its naïve poor villagers, trapped in tripartite trouble –
Had never left their village
Nor their ancestors had such courage,
Their handicapped intellect
Had made them a mendicant for their lives
No one had ever witnessed a lich,
This albatross kept knotting and blotching
In their throats
And their destiny was nothing but
Wounded and discordant.

An audacious 6 years old discovered
The KNOWLEDGE for them.

The Village | Photo Credit: Najtkriss @
The Village | Photo Credit: Najtkriss @

Written for WORDLE#5
Inspired by: A dream I had very long ago
Influenced by: The Croods (2013)

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  1. “the musk of virgin nymphs” love it this! Completely captivating

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