Myriad Objects
Single Dimensional Strings
Matter, Space and Time.

Twisted and Suppressed
Cosmological Landscapes
Exquisite Night Sky.

Reference: String Theory on Wikipedia

String Theory by Sean Wendt @
String Theory by Sean Wendt @

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  1. Wow Neeraj, String Theory is very difficult to comprehend. Laszlo has a great book that helps, and I too am extremely fascinated with it. The idea that something is exists without dimension and doesn’t take up any space is so mind boggling that I still cant wrap my head around it, but everyday I try and try and learn more and comprehend just a little more. Great Haiku too! Sheri

    1. First it was tough to imagine that the space is not empty and made of some element and then that it gets twisted on gravitational forces created by planets, galaxies and all other objects. It is all so fascinating. I’m too getting to know more about it slowly and gradually. 🙂

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