Grapes are better Sour

“A cat is better than a fox”
She knows
to skillfully pretend
to be the one,
with a paintbrush
between her jowl,
She, a master of foul plays
comfortably placed her bottom
on the couch,
dripping brag to be an artist
waiting for a catch
in her net.

Stolen good-luck-charm canvas
portraying to have painted
by her handy dexterity
but I see no color tubes or bowls
“Come, unlock your fortune
if you can find the door
here is the key on the board”
shouting out loud in their minds
no need to open her mouth
She knows it
the best,

This so called hidden door
is fairly visible to all,
geeks are executed here
it is a death’s stall,
Don’t alone trust the eyes
Don’t alone trust the mind
or the heart
Better is the combination of all
but apart.

Written for Photo Challenge#3 “Hidden Door”

- Nikita Veprikov
– Nikita Veprikov

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh this is brilliant I absolutely love it!

    1. Really?
      Thank you then 🙂

    2. This photo appeared to be a difficult one for me to squeeze out a meaning. I am glad it made sense after all. 🙂

    3. I have prepared my entry for tomorrow and I can assure it doesn’t make a bit of sense lol The photo made me want to write nonsensically so I just went with that

    4. I’m waiting for your post, you’re always awesome.
      Lets see if we can make sense out of your deliberate nonsense. 😉

    5. I look forward to your interpretations =)

  2. Insight says:

    Wow!! That’s such a beautiful piece from your side. 🙂 Bravo!!

    – Rahul

    1. It somehow came out from the picture. Thank you!

  3. You did very well in creating this piece, I enjoyed it and isn’t it amazing just where the mind can take us when we look at challenging images such as this one. Well done indeed.

    1. Walking through a challenge is always a worthy effort. Mind is really almighty.

  4. What a great interpretation!! The first stanza is genius…set the tone so well.

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