Inside a larval habitat
I find someone beneath the layers
Of an interior such as capillaric kaleidoscope
Made of ten thousand colors,
Her winsome façade and charismatic eyes
Make me fancy of the latent delights
Like a silky sonnet that rhymes
Her hair delicately entwines,
Such lucid depiction influences
A carnival of endless contentment
She wraps her pieces so beautifully
No one would need an amendment,
A mild vibration makes her eyes enchantingly dilate
Their contagious flicker gets your sentiments palpate
I bet, if you perceive, nothing else you would prefer
Other than the heart of a hopeless lover.
This is where she resides
This is where you may find her –
“Inside a larval habitat
Beneath its endless layers
An interior of capillaric kaleidoscope
Made of ten thousand colors –
A Nirvana.”

Written for Wordle# 3

Image found on google images
Image found on google images

8 thoughts on “Nirvana

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  1. as you can see, i am getting caught up – your use of language is beautiful – you convey such lavish beauty and hope – i can see someone reading this and wanting to go “there” – where Nirvana is.

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