Chinese Whispers

On a serious note:

The very first ambassador of the human race was whispered by a message that is expected to be circulated across the generations throughout their existence and the last one will have to deliver it to the other end of the line.


Okay, Okay,
I know I’ve got carried away

but what if we really are a part of the Chinese Whispers game?
and the message is really important?


Written for Photo prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

Image found on Google Images


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  1. Or maybe we are playing “Deaf Telephones” game with outselves 😀
    Very interesting and mind provoking response to the prompt 😀

    • Isn’t it what it seems.. are we not altering the message while passing it on to generations after generations? What if we were expected not to change it and we unknowingly are playing Deaf Telephones / Chinese Whispers game.
      Just a thought! 😉
      Thank you!.

  2. what if … always a great question. Loved this. Sheri

  3. This is extremely intriguing!

  4. this is definitely thought provoking. and you are right – i wonder how much we – as a people, as humans – have altered the original message.

  5. An idea…a message, unaltered through time…nice take!

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