Hide & Hide

Running out from the café
She stumbled to lose a shoe from left
and threw away the other one (of her favorite pair)
from the right foot too.
To be angry or sad? She can not decide
While melting mascara smudging around her eyes
A freshly broken hearted
Running barefoot, Running wild
Inside in her thoughts, too.
Why did he ……?
Why me ……?
So many questions erupting
Which one to pick?
She can not decide
So eagerly she’s wanting
to play –
Hide & Seek Hide.
Grumbling clouds
make her sadder
when they start to cry with her
Soaking, Sobbing
She’s under the tree
wanting to climb it and jump to die
from where she always wanted to fly
and be free.
Messing around with fresh buds
a bumblebee she finds
the black and yellow burglar
rampaging nearby,
He would taste them and abandon
and do that very often
but wait, isn’t it how…?
How the flowers blossom?
Placing herself in the picture
She becomes the helpless flower
‘He’ the bumblebee that flew away just before an hour
Is it really the time for her mind to flourish?
She doesn’t know but at the moment
She continues mourning like hell
until next morning.

Image found on google images
Image found on google images

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