How does it feel?

How does it feel to be you?
Do you, when cuddling in your sheets
with no one but yourself
think of being naughty?
Do you ever try to kiss your own lips?
and crave for their taste again and again?
Do your hands unintentionally reach your flat tummy
That is just like a piece of butter.
Do you play with your fingers around your belly button?

How does it feel to be you?
Do you play with the strands of your hair
and can not stop smelling them again and again?
Do you ever get the strong desire
of cuddling yourself and crave for your own hug?
Do you feel the weakness in your knees
that you find it too difficult to stand
in front of mirror thinking about yourself?

Because when I think of you
I can not resist the desire
to be with you
to love you.

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