Extra Mile

When stars will shoot like grenades
You know, it happens when everyone and everything goes against
I’ll stand by you.
When everyone else will step back
Refuse to travel the distance they were supposed to walk
I’ll go the extra mile
I’ll make you smile.

When they’ll give you the excuses tailor-made
When you would beg and cry to hear something you wanted
I’ll recite something worthwhile.
When your heart is beaten like thwack !
They’ll throw you away like a monkey off their back
I’d cuddle you, I’ll make you smile
I’ll go the extra mile.

Photo Credit: th02.deviantart.net
Photo Credit: th02.deviantart.net


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  1. this is so precious. what a lovely piece of friendship and love.

  2. Very lovely. You never disappoint

  3. Yeah, you never disappoint your readers. Great work, Neeraj! Have a fantastic weekend, my friend.

  4. Dedication. Loyalty. Those things are rare and if one comes across a person with these qualities, one shouldn’t let that person go. Ever.

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