Silver Lining

Unwilling to answer my questions you avoid looking straight in the eye
You often used to forget that I had the resolution to avoid asking ‘why?’
We fought over things those deserved only to be tossed in the bin
Our love became a wild goose chase and all efforts futile
Hours became days and days turned into weeks
Without each other’s tender lullabies, we could never sleep
We cried over things that didn’t happen and that had taken steps back
Our magical aurora disappeared as it was never on horizon

We keep our mouths shut though to each other we have many things to say
Knowing that all those reasons were turning stupid with each passing day
Seeing each other we know it feels like waking up from a long sleep
Although the grass used to be greener at the other side but for us it’s still gray
Inside in your head the thing that circles, I know, is the question ‘why?’
You don’t ask. I don’t answer. We won’t know if it’s worth a try
but there is a thing you don’t know that I saw you smiling on my jokes
We found humor, we turned wiser. It may seem clouded but I see the silver line.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Noora says:

    “Our magical aurora disappeared as it was never on horizon” – wow, wow, wow and WOW!

  2. words4jp says:

    I love the last two lines – humor is important. I believe no matter how grim things may seem, a glimpse of humor can lift a spirit, even if it is a teensy bit.

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