Separated by lands and oceans
We are miles and miles apart
We share same sky
We look at the same stars
I blow kisses here for you
Overnight they ride on wind
Reach you by the morning
We are connected in our hearts
Different languages we may speak
Different skins we may keep
We equally crave for love
We share same humor for fart
The way we fall in love
The way we fall apart
We may have different cultures
But alike we smile; alike we cry on broken heart.

Idea Shared with Jen on Think.Speak,Tryst

Photo Credit: nbnl.globalwhelming.com
Photo Credit: nbnl.globalwhelming.com

5 thoughts on “EQUAL

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  1. This is one of the most beautiful things i have read today.. Taking a little break from wp and being back means i get to indulge in some outstanding poetry from you! Brilliant. You are good.

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