A set of multiple parallel universes,
consisting similar dimensions,
exists for each of us in different numbers,
depending upon our choices and decisions.
It is like an endless tree,
rooted and nurtured only on probability.
Their numbers keep changing,
like a stock-value on wall street.
Our conscience completely loses connection with the universes
where a decision causes an absolute dead-end.
It is similar to a racing track
of infinite parallel lines,
where our existence is like a blinking red dot,
moving forward at constant velocity,
appearing on random places
without us knowing that we’re changing tracks.
Everything is already here.
Everything has got its space.
It is just that we need to do the right things to be at the right place.
But an individual can happen to be
only in one universe at a time,
and can never move backwards in any dimension.
whether or not there is any defined rule for dreaming,
is still unknown.

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