Blood Velvet

Soft hands – trespass inside silk, corrupt her
Sluggish motions in rhythm, occasionally they shiver
Breaths mingle like moisture with smog
Blurred images, witnesses the ashamed mirror
Closed eyes in mild dark
Dead silence invaded by husky murmurs
Snails crawl hastily upon hungry skins
Well, the feeling mustn’t differ

Moon’s imprisoned, Wolves howl
Shaky heartbeats suddenly accelerate
Smell of blood gets stronger
Strongly in pleasure, pleasure levitates
Words choke crashed in between tongues
Wild thoughts erupt, Wickedness participates
Shameless lust contaminates untainted love
Such tastes blood, Blood like velvet.

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  1. full of power and imagery. I likey:)
    Happy holidays – Kimberly xx

  2. Wow …
    It’s hot in here …

  3. Very powerfull, I liked the imagery 😀

  4. This is an awesome piece, Neeraj! You just never cease to amaze me – ever. Enjoy the last days of the year, my friend.

  5. Its so so powerful. Demonic lust and attraction that conquers all. This is an ode to blood and urges.
    Oh this is wonderful. You are constantly over-doing yourself and its amazing to watch you writing better and better each time!

  6. this is just wow.. It amazing. 🙂

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