Cum Again

When heart breaks,
it doesn’t fall down in pieces,
maybe nature has designed it, to recuperate
to be able to fall back in love again,
maybe because it is the best thing to ever happen in life.
When someone’s feelings turn cold,
They don’t literally start finding ice inside them,
Maybe this is how it should be
and this is the way it should always happen
to be able to start feeling warm again.
There are many things in life one can not learn from others
the things, that we can learn only by our own experiences.
So I believe that
(Even when there are many things that I’ve lost faith into)
I’ve still managed to learn a few after you, like –
Hearts don’t literally fall when they break.
You don’t find ice cubes inside you when feelings turn cold and that
Love will definitely cum again.
Oh, Jeez!!
I still need to learn
to not to misspell this underlined word every time I think of you
and that you’re gone forever.
But wait!!
Will then I be able to stand on my recently developed beliefs?
Will my heart not fall in pieces?

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12 Comments Add yours

    1. Neeraj says:

      Glad you enjoyed.

  1. *sigh. Story of my life. =-) Amazing Neeraj

    1. Neeraj says:

      Story of almost half of the crowd. Thank you for relating to it.

  2. words4jp says:

    an entrancing piece. i believe, for myself, however, that love has come and gone and that is it. xx

    1. Neeraj says:

      Thank you Kim!
      Keep your eyes open.. love will come again. ((Hugs))

  3. Chatty Owl says:

    You did it again, didnt you? Beautiful poem once again. And yes, hearts dont stop beating, when cold fingers of despair grip them, they turn hot again after a while! 🙂

    1. Neeraj says:

      I don’t know! 😉
      It turns warm eventually but the journey is still painful. Isn’t it?

    2. Chatty Owl says:

      I wouldnt know 🙂

    3. Neeraj says:

      Good for you if you wouldn’t.

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