She was right

She left saying
“I’ll never come in your dreams ever again”
and I was so mesmerized
watching her lips
that I couldn’t even know
that her eyes were wet.
I was thinking,
How every time her lips turn red
when I kiss them
in my dreams?
I knew
that was the last time
for me seeing her live.
Though I was feeling like a wet cloth
Hung on a wire,
bare in front of
merciless sun of summer
Yet mocking on her words
Uttering – “This is MY choice to dream you”
“You’ll be there.. I know!!!”
Then she appeared again
in my dream that night for the last time
but she didn’t let me kiss her
I don’t know why.
Now I realized
That everyday I needed to see her lips
to let my mind
process her images with my intentions
to produce a dream for me.

She was right once again.



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  1. you never listen to what she says
    even in dream you want to have your way
    that is..she left for good
    dreams are it would
    no more can you see her again
    live alone..sleep with pain

  2. How dreamy! Oh, I’m so impressed with this!!

  3. Hmmm….
    The awakening of a dreamer
    Lovely written Neeraj
    I love it!

  4. How absolutely captivating poem, Neeraj! 5 stars!!!!! Have a great weekend.

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