Eyes getting dim
heart’s reaching ground
Central disturbance
causing soul’s early snowstorm
Legs are shaking
Head’s leaning down
Sulk in abundance
making solitude a paramount
Getting trapped with open eyes
Inside this thing –
Often called “a life”
When I don’t want anyone around
Psst in my ears
Make that sound
I’m tired of walking alive
Such a boring routine
is this everyday life
Pinch me hard
Make me scream
Wake me up
from this side
to inside a dream.

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Photo Credit:

29 thoughts on “Psst

Add yours

  1. Psst…. Wake up
    Follow me into the clouds
    Where my body yearns for you
    And my whispers grow loud

    Psst… I’m calling you
    Stealing your attention
    From that boring routine
    Forcing your insides to come alive
    To a thrill that’s never-ending

    Psst…. Come to me.

    Sorry I couldn’t help it. =-D
    Very Very Nice Neeraj. =-)

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