Seek that solitude
Wish love don’t intrude
Dig deeper
Bury chosen emotions
Shut your eyes
Ears too.
Mute specific frequency
Keep fingers crossed
You don’t hear a thing
You don’t see me again.

Seeing me fighting for your love
Didn’t seem enough
Maybe that’s why
You tried, prayed way too much.
Without you,
It was already tough to be living
With antibiotics and couple of drinks
Can you believe?
Can you believe?
My love is now officially a jinx
and I’m the only victim.

Photo Credit: sambriggs.deviantart.com
Photo Credit: sambriggs.deviantart.com


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  1. You write so good! Beautiful:)

  2. Wonderful!!
    Missing you dear friend!!
    Hope the world is beautiful in your atmosphere today … XOXO~J

  3. A sad tale of a never ending love. Beautiful.

  4. I agree with Chatty. Never ending, it seems.

  5. Wow, so sad yet beautiful.

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