Sometimes I feel
one day the sky will have no stars left
because when I make a wish
one falls down along with it in vain
and I make it again.
I’ve grown stubborn
with every unanswered prayer
with every dying star
if I’ll have to keep it till the last one’s remained
I’ll make it again.
Something works against to all my prayers
all I want is you to be here
someone’s steering me down
from behind the clouds
but I say aloud

I’m stubborn
I’m stubborn
Hear it! …. Hey you!
I’m stubborn too

How can it be so difficult?
Why constantly I fail with always a negative result?
don’t I deserve the right to ask just one thing?
that is all and then nothing
“this cold war between us is heating up”
I raise my head and shout to the clouds above
let this world have no stars for them
but my wish will remain unchanged.

I’m stubborn
I’m stubborn
Hear it! …. Hey you!
I’m stubborn too
I’m stubborn
Just like you.

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10 thoughts on “Stubborn

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    1. Oh, and I thought there is beauty in loving someone so much that you reach at any level. 😉
      anyways thank you for sharing your thoughts, I believe in that too.. but these hopeless stubborn fellas don’t listen to anyone 😛

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