Wet & Dry


When you talked
I kept on watching your lips
I didn’t know
what did your eyes say
could I grab a word
slipped from your mouth.
and you always complained that
I didn’t look into your eyes while talking to you.
Maybe you didn’t know,
I was already messed up.
But you always knew
there was nothing on your lips
I tricked you to allow me to touch them
saying there was something there.

something was definitely there
in your lips,
Something – so captivating
that always used to
keep me engaged
around them
like a bee on honey.

Can anything be wet and dry at the same time?
Yes, it can –
It’s my mouth,
while watching your lips
it has always been that way.
I thought
if I could drink
even a single drop from your mouth
I would get some relief
from this dehydration
but it was not
what I believed.
So right after
when I tasted them
I always wanted more.





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  1. Oh yum! This was so ….(sigh)

  2. wow, this is very sensual. The reading makes it even more so.

  3. Reblogged this on Ramblings & other Nonsence and commented:
    The way he reads this makes you want to beg to be kissed. Superbly passionate!!

  4. Truly beautiful, and so well read your voice is beautiful.

  5. Nice poem. I loved your audio reading a lot.

  6. Beautifully sensual. I always read poetry aloud – to understand and appreciate it better. It is fantastic to hear the poet read their own work.

  7. It was great to hear the words spoken 🙂

  8. It would have been well worth my time if I read 10 pages just to get to this:
    “if I could drink
    even a single drop from your mouth
    I would get some relief
    from this dehydration”

  9. Yikes.. This is so lusty, just beautiful. I love it. Makes me want lips which make me feel like that.. 😀

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