Love Again

Seeing you trapped in broken links
You never say but your eyes say few things
I know you’re needed to be healed
and I decided that I’ll –
Kiss the dark spots of your body and soul,
will turn them into chocolate chips
and you’ll become delicious like ever before
I’ll keep you away from sunburn and heavy rain
till then you can learn to love again.
Your eyes once been majestic
Carrying tears thicker than your lipstick
I know I may not make sense at all
but I’m optimistic
What about new screenplays for your dreams
adding them in your list?
and you’ll become mysterious like ever before
I’ll keep you away from nightmares and pain
till then you can learn to love again.

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25 Comments Add yours

    1. Chatty Owl says:

      How are you doing it? I loved loved loved the lipstick reference!

    2. Neeraj says:

      That lipstick just got stuck on me somehow 😛

    3. Chatty Owl says:

      You need make up wipes to clean it off 😛

    4. Neeraj says:

      Dont worry I like it that way 😉

  1. silversun008 says:

    Very heartwarming 🙂

  2. cho wan yau says:

    Beautiful I echo that

  3. cho wan yau says:

    Reblogged this on Gorgeous and commented:
    How I wish someone would do that; a friend said I like to see you laugh not cry does that count?

    1. Neeraj says:

      Thank you Soumya 🙂

  4. Christina ~ says:

    Love…just love this!!

    1. Neeraj says:

      Glad you enjoyed. Thank you Christina!

  5. words4jp says:

    You are quite brilliant – this is lovely – friendship and hope. I love this piece.

    1. Neeraj says:

      I really enjoyed your first poetic duet with Hastywords. 🙂

    2. words4jp says:

      Thank you. I was very nervous – afraid that I would literally draw a blank when she sent me the first part. She is a very sophisticated and experienced writer. When I was dancing, it was known that a partner can make you stronger – compliment you or make both stronger by each complimenting the other. There is also the partner that drags you down. With that said, I did not want to be a dead weight.

    3. Neeraj says:

      I see a poem forming by this story. Courage overcomes all obstacles. You’re a champion! 🙂

  6. morales2814 says:

    Simply, WOW! I love how fluid your ideas are and how vividly you paint them. Excellent work.

    1. Neeraj says:

      Glad you enjoyed. Thank you !

  7. ladywhispers says:

    I have just linked to this poetry of yours to do my latest post. It is called reply poetry and hence is a kind of reply to any poem we read. Your poem inspired me to reply it. You can read it here
    Would love to have your response on my piece 🙂

    1. Neeraj says:

      wow! sounds interesting.. let me have a look 🙂

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