Smoke filled the empty room
Leaving me empty
All too soon
Here I am
Surrounded in my distractions
Cloaked in what I thought I knew
Laughing at my false interactions
And you are gone
So far from view.
Gone like you were never here
Not in this world, where
I’m forced to keep myself alive
Sitting here, seeing my today
And yesterday fighting with hands
With each other
Just like we used to play
Not so long ago.
Yet, long ago is where we were,
We were incredible upon the world
Two hearts, joined in one
Pieces that fell, and
Came together again…
Laughing as we, Loved endlessly
But that was then
It’s changed somehow.
Something changed,
Altered the face of my today.
And I want to chase you back,
Want to go back
And live my yesterday…
When teasing was amusing
Not so long ago
Again the room is filling with smoke…
Leaving me empty
All too soon.
Written by Neeraj & Jen on Tryst



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  1. Lovely circularity, like the smoke spinning through the room, your thoughts and emotions likewise. A wonderful poem.

  2. Beautiful – that was then and this now – i wish it was then, but now must be now;)

  3. We ask ourselves these questions, thinking of these past feelings, emotional connections and what we were, back then. But the real question is, ‘Where are you?’ -you are HERE!!! And ‘What is the time?’ -the time is NOW!!

    Once we understand this simple truth, we gain so much wisdom from it.
    We are here, and the time is now … so, what are you going to do with that? What are you going to do with the rest of your life? …

    … and of course, now my mind is flooded with things!!

    Yet another wonderful piece of the both of us!! XOXO Jen

  4. The sadder you write, the better it gets!

  5. I honestly can’t pick my favorite line or verse. This is pure perfection. The poem touched my heart – deeply!

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