She kissed the rose and it died
Her voluptuous lips were full of poisonous love,
She killed many by her killing spree
but she never had enough,
Rain fell and made everyone wet
it vaporized at way above of her head,
In her backyard cactus prayed for forgiveness
through her window sun appeared sad.
Her body was made of diamond
and her heart of stone,
devils once knocked at her doors
their existence remained unknown,
and one day she melted like wax of candle
when she heeded a love song,

Guess what? She needed a love song.

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Photo Credit:


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  1. wow – what an incredible title – this piece is without a doubt bewitching. and wow is what comes to mind. wow.

  2. 😀 nice, love the pic 😛

  3. Nice! Picture + Words..perfect!! 🙂

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