Walking away

Packed my bags I’m headed to the front door
with broken dreams and a broken heart
Once I’m gone I’m not coming back
Congratulations, we are getting apart
Isn’t this what you were looking for?
An ending to our story, broken as we bleed
Turning to catch you, watching me go
Yet the window was empty, like us, I know
Shrugged my shoulders. Why? I’m not sure
Took everything to this (broken) heart
Disconnected links, its not gonna restart
Congratulations, we are getting apart
It was once the love we had together
Welcoming & warm, like we were forever
Turning the page, you are cold & empty
What we had, I can’t even remember
Not that I wanna recall,
peel off the wounds before they could heal
“reality bites” makes sense now
‘cause throughout this nonsense we were real
Turning back to my cellophane life
Ending with you, ending this fight
Maybe tomorrow we will see the light
Walking away, without each other in sight.

Written by Neeraj & Jen on Tryst

Photo Credit: www.coverbooth.com


26 thoughts on “Walking away

Add yours

    1. Awe shucks …
      I think we compliment each other well, when we write … It’s always enjoyable for me!! I love it when two people can come together, tryst, and write one piece, sharing words, yet coming from two completely different places!!

      It reminds me that we are all human and we all have feelings and we all are a little similar, somewhere inside.


    2. Since when I’m on WP and got a chance to interact with people from many different regions I learned that we all are actually the same, if only we peep within ourselves – the way we think, we feel, the things we desire, dream and even communicate, it’s all the same. It is just the languages and the cultures that vary and make it all seem different but after all the essence remain the same. No one is different when it is the matter of hearts and emotions especially. I feel so fortunate to have found you all. 🙂


    3. 🙂
      I completely agree!!
      I am so grateful for ALL my Tryst Family .. and I love dearly my Tryst VIP’s, those who I speak more with and write with, I hold close and dear to my heart! (YOU are a Tryst VIP!!)

      Have a beautiful Day!! XO

    4. Wow! Feeling AWESOME to be in your VIPs. 😀
      I don’t think that I need to echo it to you or should I? 😛
      *Smiles* *Hugs and Kisses* 🙂

    5. Silly? No way!! I thought echoing the same thing would just be a formality. You are precious without any doubt. Lots of love to you dear friend 🙂

    6. Awe (((BLUSH!))) ((Smiling .. like a shy girl))
      I don’t mean to not be original, but so are you!! Precious to me, and our friendship! I loves it!

      I’m ready to write another piece, when ever you are ..!!

      I hope your day is beautiful and your soul shines!! ~J

    7. I think it’s so cool that you are on the other side of the world, where the day is coming to an end … and here I am, and it’s not even half way through, on the other side of the world … yet, you still seem so close, close enough to hear you, see your words and feel your presence … my friend, that is very cool!!


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