Right or Wrong

Can not see the world the way it isn’t
Can not believe the words that I listen
Behind my back if something happens
May or may not have their different reasons
For I’ve got the eyes, I’ve got the brain
to see and measure by my own
Something that is being said or done
May or may not have something hidden along
Everything loses its originality (oh yeah)
Faces often hide from reality (that’s right)
I won’t let rumors blur my sight (I say)
I believe in computing totality
Something right (for you) can be wrong (for me)
I can not believe into what you believe
I’ve got the instincts to follow by my own
I know what I see is not true completely
I don’t go with majority (or minority)
I don’t entertain hypocrisy (its stupidity)
I understand critical criticality
What I try to see is absolute clarity
Whatever you tell me (I won’t heave)
Whatever you show (I won’t believe)
Whatever you try to prove (I may deny)
I gotta see, listen and think
from side to side (to decide)
Whether it’s wrong or it’s right.
Photo Credit: dancingwithhappiness.com
Photo Credit: dancingwithhappiness.com

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