Wake me up

I walk towards an unknown direction
Seems as if an ending road unfolds
Everything appears to be a delusion
Nothing remains hidden that I hold
Empty eyes keep staring at me
Every face a mysterious mask
Laughing inside their shut mouths
A continuous moan is the task
Wake me up
Before it becomes real
Wake me up
From my sleeping prison
Wake me up
Else life becomes the dream
Wake me up
help me find my home
A churning renaissance is coming
Fear keeps me from screaming
I hold onto what feels real
Only to find my mind is dreaming
Each night – a rebirth into the dark
Filled with spirits I couldn’t bury
Bodies lied up on the pavement
Staring at stars filled with fury
In foggy detail I see an intersection
My mind experiencing anti-erection
My thoughts mapping a lost connection
Wake me up before I see no direction
Wake me up
Wake me up
Written by Neeraj and HastyWords

Photo Credit: artspace.com


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