When I felt the softness of your lips
for the first time and every single time
I felt the surge of blood inside my heart
as if it wanted to cry
like eyes do… unintentionally…
when tears overflow them.

And when you stepped back
without saying anything
seeing my face turning red with emotions
I always blamed myself for I thought
maybe I made a mistake again.

And when I collected myself in a lonely corner to
let loose all the tears.
They were all “motionless emotions”
making their way to the gutter.

After few repetitions of such incidents
I realized that they were the emotions
those used to push you to push me away from you
‘cause all you wanted were the -
“Emotionless Motions.”
Photo Credit: fxt.worth1000.com
Photo Credit: fxt.worth1000.com


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  1. Every time you write a poem, i think you cant do any better. And then you do. Like now.

  2. Dangit Neeraj. You’re amazing. (Insert that’s what she said pun here)
    But seriously Amazing!

  3. precious Neeraj – absolutely precious:)

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