I knew
real love is to give without expecting a return
but I waited for those kisses
that’d made me stunned.

I knew
forgiveness is the only key to happiness
but I couldn’t forget myself
for forgiving you often.

I knew
letting go off the things get you get them back
but I couldn’t let go off the thoughts
to always get you back.

I knew
holding onto few things does not make a sense
but I hold on so tightly
on our happy memory’s stack.

There was only crime that I made
To fall in love with you without a reason
There is another crime that I wish to make
To get a chance for its revision.
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  1. This is awesome Neeraj. i agree with every word. I find myself saying that ‘he’ was a life lesson – one that was good and bad and that i should let it go – keep the good, forget and forgive the bad….. I am not good at this stuff – I suck and it upsets me that I do l cannot and that i let him have this much over over me. Here is the clincher – if he was call me – I would be right by his side! DAMN!

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