Answered Prayer

I stay awake all night thinking about you
Nothing else matters I just wanna be with you
The more I love you the more I feel loved
Why I’m so crazy I need you more than enough

I’ve lost myself somewhere. Here’s only you
My sad old story suddenly appears fresh and new
I expose its bits and pieces throwing here and there
Seems like I’m one of your answered prayers

Being with you makes me feel alive, like
After million trips to hell you’re my brand new life
And I realized my mission what I must live for
Love is the vessel and you’re the only shore

Calling out your name I forget to catch my breath
Feels like an aftereffect of high doses’ meth
My heaven lies under the clouds of your hair
Seems like I’m one of your answered prayers

(Answered prayer)
Just like you always demanded
You’re my one and only
Exactly the way you wanted
I’m thirsty of your smell
You keep me haunted
I’m one of your answered prayers
Exactly the way you wanted
(Exactly) the way you wanted.

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16 thoughts on “Answered Prayer

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    1. Once? Why you stopped?
      I just got a glimpse of your blog.. it looks inviting and beautiful. I’m gonna attack it very soon. 🙂
      Thank you!!

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