Dear Facebook, I’m breaking up with you!

Someone’s pathetic picture if you don’t like
Becomes an attitude problem
Give and take is what it teaches us
If you like mine only them I’m gonna like yours
A ridiculous status update
That doesn’t make any sense at all
Gets the highest number of likes
Keeps you guessing what made everyone fall
What’s in your mind? What are you doing?
It keeps asking like a girlfriend nagging
“No one likes me”
A cute little puppy says
“Something bad will happen if you don’t share”
Comes with the picture of goddess
What has happened to the people?
Where has gone their common sense?
I hate the way it all goes around
I seriously mean offence.

A friend has come to meet you personally
But you’re busy in checking updates
It is the reason of your anxiety
It is the reason of distress
A text message you sent to someone
It tells you when it was viewed
and when you don’t get a response
becomes a serious issue.
People you may know it gives you the entire list
Are the very guys, you never knew exist
Or don’t want them to see in your friend list
It has got many tricks to waste your time
Friends over here are simply just so kind
Suggesting many games to play
It’s so loving; it never wants you to go away
To keep fake profile picture over here is a trend
People feel proud for having 2 thousand friends
I hate the way it all goes around
I seriously mean offence.

When was I born?
When did I loose my virginity?
What is my relationship status?
How many breakups did I see?
It knows everything ‘cause we
used to maintain our timeline so happily

I can not take anymore of this crap
I’m done through and through
Dear facebook, I’m breaking up with you.



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  1. standing ovation for this one!!! 😀

  2. I have never been on FB. I am happy for this fact. I think this is a good break up;)

  3. Lol so true. I stopped using Facebook a few years ago and haven’t looked back since.

  4. haha its funny beacause its true!

  5. This is so awesome. I broke up with FB more than a year ago already. It was the best decision ever.

  6. Evil n unrealistic it is…but u ought to give it to them for the blog traffic it gets you…isn’t it? Well written and every word is true. 🙂

  7. Reading this, it makes me think you have expressed what most people feel! I certainly feel it, but I havn’t had the guts or bravery to deactivate yet! Well done on the poem 🙂

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