Cold Hearted

Standing under your balcony
Surrounded by dogs so many
In the middle of the night I want to see your face
It’s very cold out here
Don’t you hear dogs are barking?
Just show me your face
I’ll never bother you again

Give me a chance to explain
I don’t expect you to forgive me
As you always listened; do it one last time
I won’t ask you to understand
or to be remain friends
Just open the door
I’ll never bother you again

If my intensity doesn’t incite you
Imagine what will happen when I’ll be like you
Cold Hearted
Cold Hearted
Cold Hearted

Before security throws me out
or police comes to arrest
Please understand the fact that I only wanna talk to you
‘cause tonight if I go bare hands
You won’t deserve to regret
thinking that you had a chance when I was there
under your balcony
when you played
Cold Hearted

If my intensity doesn’t incite you
You can not blame me when I’ll be like you
Cold Hearted
Cold Hearted
Cold Hearted

I know that you know that it’s not possible
But just in case.. imagine
What will happen?
when I’ll be like you
Cold Hearted

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  1. Nicely written and as with most of your stuff,reads like a song. I am just a bit uncertain wether I should sympathize with the voice and emotion of you, at one point forgivenes is asked and I don’t believe personaly everything deserves to be forgiven and forgotten 🙂

    • Yes, because my intentions are to convert them into a song .. someday maybe 🙂
      I agree with you not everything deserves to be forgiven. What if I say in this particular piece, there is no one’s fault.. just certain circumstances and misunderstanding.. don’t we generally mix love with anger in these situations? 🙂

    • This implies the question of who is better in my head, who is more worthy and I believe in Love two sides must be equal and must be completely fallen into emotion. If one cannot overlook a missunderstanding it means to me that person is not completely in Love, but on a quest of worth or need and therefore his/her forgivenes would not even mean anything to me. I believe love is a presence, a gift, a giving, a vortex: not at all anything that should be sought 🙂

    • You are picturing a perfect love that I always dream about. I wish if everyone has this understanding. We are generally so immature when it comes to emotions. We give suggestions to other people and even solve their complications but when it comes to our own then we are uncertain, conscious, over-expressed and even cold-hearted.

    • It is because we taste of Love,then we wish to give it a label, a coin price, a temperature and similar. That is how expectations are born and real Love gets pushed aside.

    • Maybe.. yes! 🙂
      and also as I say “Love is blind and maybe that’s why we get eyeopeners at times” 😛

  2. Wow! One more of your amazing writings that excites me to the very core! Dont let her be cold hearted.. Warm her up with all the passion that you have! 🙂

  3. i love the imagery. 🙂

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