Sweet Surprise

Many times
I told you
that I didn’t like it
when you talked
in those moments
‘cause I loved the sound
when our skins slithered
on each other
and that’s why when
last night
You opened your mouth
when my hands were
on your thighs
and lips around your belly button
I had no choice but....
to stop you from talking
and it was a(h)mazingly better
than before
I think I’ll let you open
your mouth
from now onwards
Photo Credit: whattoseeinvenice.com
Photo Credit: whattoseeinvenice.com


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  1. Very lovely and sweet, I liked the story and the message.

  2. Hey!!!!! What a hell?! Im smiling like an idiot. I’ll be honest with both of you. I started reading and the thoughts in my head were twirling, thinking “huh? Did he reblogged my post or something?” When did i write this?!
    Wow. You truly made this chatty owl-ish!

  3. oh so bad!! you I mean!!! lol

  4. beautiful. when you write these particular pieces, steam comes out of my desktop!

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