Love, Cigarettes, Dandruff, Tar

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Photo Credit:
Cigarettes are my companion, now
Sadly love is mere an opinion
When you, my muse
Sulked and slipped away

You said love was a disease, then
It remained no reason to please
And started falling off my heart
Like dandruff from head

I use all different memories, to
Wash away this dandruff entirely
Does it seem disappearing? No!
It glues like tar in lungs, then.

*Statutory Warning: Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health.


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  1. Wow, this was very nicely composed, reading it gave a feeling of tasting a drink that is very similar to absinthe, but at same time completely different here in my country (it is very dark brown , very thick and very bitter.)

  2. Tell your muse to come back.

  3. a beautiful piece – i read this yesterday, then got torn away from my pooter (it happens at ‘work’ 🙂 i can see where the need to smoke can pop up – though i do not smoke. a substitution for pain or a distraction.

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