Romantically yours

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In the empty bucket of my heart
You’ll be the only flower
I’ll always say the words
That’ll amuse you
Every moment
Every second
Every hour
In the aquaverium of my life
You’ll be the only fish
I’ll always keep you
on the top
of my every list
In the kingdom of my dreams
You’ll be the only queen
I’ll always trick you
To kiss by my precious themes
Nothing inside me
I’ll ever hide
To earn your attention
I’ll always try
and if you broke my heart
I’ll always cry
In my entire life
You’ll always remain
the best thing ever happened to me
your place is reserved
its not open for ‘anybody’
Of a home that I build indoor
You own each and every floor
And I promise that I’ll always be
Romantically yours.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. silversun008 says:

    cute poem 🙂

  2. soumyav says:

    beauty in words and thoughts ..pls check here too an award for you.

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