Two of me

There are two of me
over the skeleton
covered by
meat and skin
wrapped in jungle of veins
somewhere there,
Never in sync
one uses blood as ink
while other
is afraid to think
scared to come out
in open atmosphere,
They use same eyes
yet see different things
and at times
one acts blind
other’s eyes pierce within,
They chew
each other’s bones
to detach their links
stitching their territory
they can do anything
and this is how
no one wins
this battle within.

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  1. awesome description of our’selves’. sometimes i wish they would melt and become the same person. hasn’t happened yet 🙂

  2. prefectly written. as i lay here thinking my body betrays me im trapped…which of couse is the problem…my body is part of me….everything you write is insanly beautiful

  3. “one uses blood as ink
    while other
    is afraid to think” – so true, I can relate. I loved the poem and I loved the picture you used,it goes so well with everything else.

  4. Neeraj, you have a great gift for poetry. Thank you for sharing this incredible poem today. And thanks too for visiting my blog and supporting my work. We are blessed 🙂

  5. A powerful description about a human soul! Well written, Neeraj Bhayya. 🙂


  6. The powerful inner battle that everyone is scared of, unless a brave one proves to win over it ! 🙂 Great one Neeraj! 🙂

  7. first: that picture gives me nightmares…. second: super good poem Neeraj, loved “They chew each other’s bones!” wow! like like like! 🙂

  8. Loved it! It is both very good and very chilling at the same time.

  9. Apposite presentation of the conflict within us.. Loved it!!

  10. Living two lives is hard, sometimes….
    I know.

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