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Dew drops from your trembling lips
I pick one by one as I kiss
To rub all over your face
“Suck my kiss”
“Squeeze my lips” you beg
“Make my lipstick melt away.”
Unhook your clothes
Undress yourself
Leave nothing, as they slip away
from your skin
Tell me everything.

Tell me, how does it feel
to be craved in such a distance?
Smudged lipstick
leaves marks on my flipped palm
same way
your words leave an imprint
in my mind.
Brush your skin
against my naked bones
whisper to me
if you like the taste of my hipbones.

Feel me running my hands
all over your wet skin
Feel it as I’m embracing you
like hot water swathe
Feel my tongue
all over you neck
inhaling your aroma
as our hearts race

As my face goes
in between your thighs
don’t stop
with your seducing voice
Hold tight
when I swirl my tongue
Let the pleasure arise
as we progress towards the heights
Tell me if it doesn’t suffice.

Open your eyes
hurry up slowly
Your skin is burned with words exchanged
your blood is hot
the colour of my cherry lips
that whisper sentences of distant passion –
into nothing.
An empty room
The sound of disconnected phone call
Ringing in our ears.


Written by Neeraj and Chatty Owl


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    1. Pleasure was all mine to write with such a brilliant artist. Believe me if I had listened to your audio ‘not today’ before I would have not dared to ask you to write with me 😛

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