Two strangers used to sit on same bench in Meridian park of a small town. It was just a coincidence that they have been sharing the same bench for quite a while now without even noticing it, generally lost in their own worlds, dig their heads in some fiction stories unaware of the life happening around them.
It’s another warm day, nice and clean, birds chirping happily, kids playing around them and couple of old people talking calmly discussing their life, everyone and everything is just so happy. Suddenly a dry leaf separates itself from the tree after the long association, flies with cool breeze and gets stuck in hair of this beautiful girl, she isn’t aware and lost in love with fictional characters. By chance he gets his eyes off the book, notices the leaf in her hair, and thinks that he should tell this girl who’s sitting next to him about this creepy dry leaf. As he does, he realizes that she is probably one of the most beautiful girls. She takes off the mighty leaf, smiles and thanks him in return. From then the ice broke, they used to talk sometimes too and soon in couple of weeks they became friends, they dated for 2 years and then got married thereafter.
Today after 24 years of their marriage, they never had a dull moment. But they never realized that it was not the destiny but a plot set up by that dry leaf that they are together and happy today and that poor leaf never got recognized for its sacrifice but it never regretted.



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  1. beautiful story Neeraj, although I think we all have beginnings like this, at some point, yet it’s the middle and the end that make it special.

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