Bunch of everything

Photo Credit: wallpaperstock.net
Photo Credit: wallpaperstock.net
Few dreams on your eyelids,
Sense of being around always,
Few happy memories,
Few words unsaid,
I’ll leave,
When I’ll go away from you,
I’ll leave my dreams, my breaths with you,
Few unfinished paintings,
Bunch of incomplete poems,
Few unkissed kisses,
Couple of secret grudges I’ll leave,
When I’ll go away from you,
I’ll leave my world, my heartbeats with you.

16 thoughts on “Bunch of everything

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    1. Sometimes staying or finishing things aren’t in our hands.. and things which aren’t supposed to end, remain incomplete.

  1. Wow. The most perfect poetry I have ever read. This bowled me away with what all I could read in it.
    I know its unfinished and yet finished I found…because maybe completeness always leaves us empty so better this way 🙂

    1. This is one of the best compliments I ever got.. Thank you! Take it this way.. things can only be finished when someone is done with the other person.. as we never know about the end, how can we finish then? Thanks once again for reading and appreciating 🙂

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