I wanted to spend afternoon with stars,
Wanted to ride bicycle with them when they had gone so far,
Thousands of rainbows in the night sky,
Skate on them above everyone’s head, up so high,
A playground on clouds floating in the air,
Few fairies as my friend meeting me everyday there,
But then I felt a little sad,
When nothing happened the way I wanted,
I wanted a school where there would be no teachers,
A class full of every kind of creatures,
Creating something new on a daily basis,
Making new friends, visiting unknown places,
Wanted to fall in love a thousand times,
Wanted people to laugh with me and to cry,
I felt a little sad,
When nothing happened the way I wanted,
And then I started writing…
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15 Comments Add yours

  1. words4jp says:

    I am so happy you started to write – 🙂

    1. Neeraj says:

      me too.. thanks 😀

  2. pseudomonaz says:

    I have a similar story… 😦

    1. Neeraj says:

      But I feel good about it 🙂

    2. pseudomonaz says:

      Me too..its just that i feel bad about the dreams that never came true, but I am grateful that i can write about them.

  3. Oh my gosh… YES!! I feel this emotion… So brilliant my darling friend!! XO ~ J

    1. Neeraj says:

      Thank you my dear friend 😀

    2. You are so very welcome… Keep your eyes peeled.. I may pop some lyrics in your email box any time…

      After the day I had, I think I’m ready for a rough & raw kinda piece.. you down?

    3. Neeraj says:

      I’m on it 🙂

    4. …sweet… you are so awesome!

    5. Neeraj says:

      Jen! Did you send my any email.. I have received none recently 😦

    6. Neeraj says:

      Btw I sent you an add request on facebook 🙂

  4. soumyav says:

    And writing the imaginations,creating places, painting the unthinkable,loving the air, befriending the stars and the skies.

    1. Neeraj says:

      Exactly.. you said the unsaid here 🙂

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